• Promote access to and effective use of mainstream programs by individuals and families experiencing hunger and financial crisis; and,
  • Provide oversight to the ongoing implementation, expansion and continuous quality improvements for the AssistOK program.
  • Provide a system to collect data on needs of the individuals and families experiencing hunger and financial crisis through point in time encounters;
  • Facilitate ongoing coordination and collaboration among all the components of the basic needs and purposes of service delivery, planning and resource management, and policy and program development; and,
  • Encourage basic needs programs to adopt best practices.


  • All AssistOK data is property of AssistOK and its members.
  • As our goal is to collect data of clients who access services from AssistOK, members agree to share all applicable data with all other member agencies.
  • Member agencies will have access to an inventory of organizational level data reports and aggregate, de-identified data reports from all partners of AssistOK.
  • Data requests outside of the inventoried reports require approval from the Governance Council and will be submitted to the fiscal agent for report development.
  • Given that the accuracy of data reported out of the system is dependent on the accuracy of data entry, no AssistOK partner or the AssistOK organization shall be liable for outcomes or actions taken stemming from data inaccuracy.

User Policy and Responsibility Statement

AssistOK is a Web-based information management system designed to facilitate client intake, data collection and reporting, and to determine community resource availability. AssistOK also enables the sharing of client information with other providers where allowed by law or authorized by the client to assist in collaboration on client-related activities. AssistOK participating agencies and each User within the system are bound by various restrictions regarding the Client information.

Guidelines for Safeguarding Client Information
  • It is a Client's decision if their information is to be shared with any Partner Agencies.
  • AssistOK Client Consent Form shall be signed by Client before any identifiable client information is designated in AssistOK for sharing with any Partner Agencies. Authorization remains in effect for up to five years unless client chooses to revoke authorization.
  • Client consent may be revoked by the client at any time using the Cancellation of Client Consent Form. Client should be given a copy of this document and original should be retained by the provider.
  • User shall insure that prior to obtaining Client's signature; the AssistOK Client Consent Form was fully reviewed with Client in a manner to insure that Client fully understood the information (e.g. securing a translator if necessary).
  • The Client shall have a right to receive a copy of any signed AssistOK Client Consent Form.
  • No client may be denied services for failure to provide consent for AssistOK data collection
  • User will comply with all Federal and state laws, rules and regulation that may apply to the use of AssistOK and the collection, use and disclosure of client information.